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Ben And The Aliens

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The StoryEdit

Benjamin Tennyson -or Ben Tennyson- was originally a 10-year-old boy, who grew up in Bellwood, and was unpopular and bullied in his school.

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10-year-old Ben Tennyson

However, his life changed the day he went on summer vacation with his grandfather, Max and his cousin, Gwen. A short time after they left Bellwood, Ben went on a walk through the woods in which they were camping, and witnessed the crash of a strange capsule from space. This capsule happened to contain the Omnitrix, a powerful watch-like device, that fixed itself on Ben's wrist.

At first scared, Ben soon discovered that using the Omnitrix, he was now able to transform into ten super-powered alien creatures. Unable to remove the Omnitrix, he eventually learned to use the device (though with relative problems) in order to become a super-hero. Though he occasionnally arrested ordinary criminals, he was quickly led to also fight super-villains, starting with: Dr. Animo, Kevin 11, and ultimately, Vilgax, a vicious alien warlord who wanted to get the Omnitrix for himself.

Despite being very immature and occasionnally using the Omnitrix for minor selfish purposes, Ben proved to be a valuable wearer for the Omnitrix, defeating Vilgax several times (though mostly due to the help from Gwen and Grandpa Max) and saving people several times. During this series, Ben's favorite aliens are Fourarms, Heatblast, Wildmutt, XLR8, and Diamondhead showing his tendency to favor brute force over well-thought plans.

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Ben 10 FormsEdit

Original Ten:Edit

At the start of the series, Ben only has access to ten aliens.

Ben with the Omnitrix's original aliens.

The 10 aliens

Heatblast , Wildmutt, Diamondhead, XLR8, Grey Matter, Fourarms, Stinkfly, Ripjaws, Upgrade and Ghostfreak.

Additional forms:

Starting with the second season, Ben begins unlocking new forms, either through DNA sampling or pure chance. Cannonbolt, Wildvine, Benwolf, Benmummy, Ben Victor, Upchuck, Ditto, Way Big, Eye Guy and Eon.

These are all the aliens in Ben 10.